When you’re divided by geography, experience, and even tools, teams can get isolated, scattered, and overwhelmed. But the time of constant pings, trivial meetings, and scouring for the latest doc have come to an end.

Qatalog eliminates your work chaos. It’s an integrated work hub that connects all the tools of modern collaboration with the organization’s most important asset: its people.

The work hub maps and links together profiles of all the people, teams and projects in your organization, so that information on work and people is always connected.

  • You can easily see and find what people and teams are working on, along with their goals, and latest posts. No need to meet or ping for everything.

  • You can access workflows and protocols across every team. No need to wonder how things are done.

This means that knowledge workers and leaders can be aligned on what matters without being in the same place. It’s the new way of work.

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