The shift to distributed work has made the challenges facing modern teams even more intense.

Work has become chaotic, and we often have to do it with a linear view and limited context, while precious knowledge gets siloed into specific teams, projects, or tools.

Qatalog exists to eliminate your work chaos, and bring order amid the sea of productivity and collaboration tools that your teams use. Specifically, Qatalog aims to:

  • Make knowledge accessible and transparent, by connecting various tools and people together. This means that everyone can become a more visible, knowledgeable, and proactive professional.

  • Improve cross-team collaboration by displaying not all, but only relevant information to the relevant people in the relevant channels. Teams can avoid confusion, get clarity, and stay in the loop without getting lost in threads or trivial meetings.

  • Save time spent on searching or accessing knowledge (e.g. pings, meetings, or jumping across tabs) and free up hours of deep, productive work. Teams can align and trust each other on how they do things without being in the same place.

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