Qatalog eliminates your work chaos. It’s an integrated work hub that connects all the tools of modern collaboration with the organization’s most important asset: its people.


Search lets you find any information created in Qatalog or connected to Qatalog through integrations (i.e. Google docs, Slack messages, Asana tasks, etc.).

Now you can find files from one place, in seconds, without pinging anyone. No more endless journeys scanning tools, threads, and meeting notes.

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People and teams

People and teams lets you find important work information for every person and team in your organization.

Find out who’s working on what, reporting lines, their resources, and even people’s hobbies, all in seconds, without attending unnecessary meetings, or getting lost in threads. You’ve got the whole org in your hand.

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Projects let you get visibility on important work information across teams and tools on any project in your organization.

Track project links, team activity, and status posts across project management tools, all in one place. You can now be a more knowledgeable professional by accessing the right information about every project in your organization.

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Goals let you to set, assign and track goals across every level of your organization.

Now you can align teams on common goals, and build momentum towards goals by making them transparent and visible to everyone.

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Posts let you write and publish short or long asynchronous memos linking to relevant people, teams and projects, and share them with the relevant people.

Now you can be more connected without attending more meetings or spending more time on Slack — and share posts automatically on the right channels.

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Workflows let you easily document, assign and track team and organization processes with your coworkers.

Now that everyone knows how to do things up to organization standards, it will be easier to get teams aligned.

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