Integrations are third-party productivity and collaboration tools that you and your team can connect to Qatalog.

When you connect your productivity and collaboration tools to Qatalog, you enable powerful capabilities.

  • Connect your chat and meeting tools to cross-post posts on relevant Slack channels and team members’ inboxes.

  • Connect your project management tools to create and manage tasks, tickets, and cards across JIRA, Trello, and Clubhouse.

  • Connect your file cloud storage and team-specific tools to make every doc, slide, sheet, board, and more easily accessible through Qatalog search.

Connecting your tools to Qatalog is a matter of a few clicks. Simply choose your integration, tap on ‘Connect’, and grant permissions to enable search and powerful capabilities.

Don’t worry — you (or your coworkers) won’t be able to find or access files that are stored in personal folders or Slack channels.

→ Learn more about integrations

→ Learn more about permissions and visibility

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