Search lets you find any information created in Qatalog or connected to Qatalog through integrations (i.e. Google docs, Slack messages, Asana tasks, etc.).

Connect your productivity and collaboration tools to Qatalog (e.g. project management, organization wiki, etc.) so to:

  • Find any profile, team, project, post, goal or workflow created in Qatalog.

  • Find any external resource attached to a Qatalog profile, team, or project.

  • Find any external resource stored in the tools you connect to Qatalog (e.g. Google docs, Slack messages, Asana tasks, etc.).

Now you can find files from one place, in seconds, and without pinging anyone. No more endless journeys scanning tools, threads, and meeting notes.

Don’t worry — you (or your coworkers) won’t be able to find or access files that are stored in personal folders or Slack channels.

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