When you create a team, goal, or resource on Qatalog, the information is all linked together, and always connected to an owner, so it never gets lost — even when a person leaves the organization, or your organization changes your teams and organizational structure.

For example, if Jeremy adds a goal to the Product team, that goal will always be linked to both Jeremy and the Product team.

  • If Jeremy leaves the organization, his goal will be automatically assigned to his manager, so no knowledge will ever be lost.

  • If the Product team gets renamed the Growth team, the same goal will always live in the history of the newly named Growth team.

Thanks to Qatalog’s permission layer, every entity — whether project, goal, resource, or post — will always be linked to a personal profile or team, so you won’t need to spend time regularly updating wiki pages for the sake making information accessible.

With Qatalog, accessibility and recency of information is built into the product, by default.

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