Let’s take a practical example.

You know you need to find a file — something about ‘Q3 organization retreat’, but you don’t know if the file was a slide deck, a doc, or a sheet.

You also can’t remember if it was attached on a JIRA ticket, a Google Drive folder, or shared in a Slack channel.

That’s when search comes in.

  1. Open Qatalog, and connect Slack, Google Drive, and JIRA with just a few clicks.

  2. Type in ‘Q3 organization retreat’ — in seconds, you’ve searched across Google, JIRA, Slack, and all the other integrations you’ve connected to Qatalog.

  3. You can sort the search results for relevance, and bingo — a Slack message from three weeks ago rises to the top.

  4. Once you click on the search result, you get instantly redirected to the right conversation, and access your lost file.

Don’t worry — you’ll only see messages, files, and resources that you have access to.

You can use search if you’re an:

  • Individual contributor. Become a more knowledgeable and visible professional.

  • Team lead or manager. Get full visibility on every goal, resource, and post — of any team.

  • Member of the executive team. Access knowledge to scale operations and make informed decisions.

→ Learn more about how search works

→ Learn more about permissions and visibility

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