Let’s say, for example, that you’re on your first day of work — you want to get a big picture of all the teams and people in your organization.

You don’t want to ping anyone, because you know it might drag you into endless threads — or even meetings — to find the right piece of information. You don’t want to disturb your coworkers just to answer a few questions, either.

That’s when you visit people and teams.

  • When you click on people and teams, you get access to a complete and searchable directory of every person and team in your organization.

  • Visit a coworkers’ profile, and find out the projects they’re working on, their reporting lines, their latest resources, and even their hobbies.

  • Drill down into a person’s goals, latest posts, and the workflows they’re working on.

  • Teams follow the same structure of personal profiles — enjoy a complete overview of every team member, their latest activity, team goals, resources, and latest posts.

Everything is linked together, so you can easily zoom in or out — or jump across personal profiles and teams — to find what you need.

And everything is searchable through search.

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