When you visit the activity tab of a personal profile or team, you’ll see a list of activities across all the connected tools.

For example, when all the members of the Design team connect Figma, Google Drive, and Asana, you’ll be able to see that Laura edited a file on Figma, or Archit created a file on Google Drive, or that Tess completed a task on Asana.

Activity works not only for integrations, but also for Qatalog entities (e.g. projects, posts, workflows, goals).

For example, you’ll be able to see that Karina shared a post on the Marketing team, Anthony created a goal linked to his profile, or that Marco assigned a workflow to Jen.

When you click on any activity:

  • If it relates to a Qatalog entity, you’ll be redirected to it.

  • If it relates to a connected integration, you’ll be redirected to a new browser tab pointing you to the right file (e.g. the right Google Drive file, or the specific Figma board).

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