Let’s say, for example, that you’re on your first day of work — you want to get a big picture of all the projects being worked on in your organization.

You don’t want to ping anyone, because you know it might drag you into endless threads — or even meetings — to find the right information. And you don’t want to disturb your coworkers just to answer a few questions.

That’s when you visit projects.

  • When you click on projects, you get access to a complete and searchable directory of every project in your organization.

  • Visit a project, and see all its members, their goals, related resources, and more.

  • Get up to speed by reading the latest project posts, and get an overview of the ongoing tasks across all the connected project management tools.

Everything is linked together, so you can easily zoom in or out — or jump across project members’ profiles or related teams — to find what you need.

And everything is searchable through search.

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