When you visit the activity tab of a project, you’ll see a list of activities across all the connected tools.

For example, when all the project members connect Salesforce, Google Drive, and Asana, you’ll be able to see that Maddy edited a record on Salesforce, or Lilly created a file on Google Drive, or that George completed a task on Asana.

Activity works not only for integrations, but also for Qatalog entities (e.g. projects, posts, workflows, goals).

For example, you’ll be able to see that Mario shared a post related to the project, Pedro created a goal linked to the project, or that Loretta assigned a workflow to Kevin.

When you click on any activity:

  • If it relates to a Qatalog entity, you’ll be redirected to it.

  • If it relates to a connected integration, you’ll be redirected to a new browser tab pointing you to the right file (e.g. the right Google Drive file, or the specific Figma board).

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