Let’s take an example — you need to align various teams on a common goal.

You don’t want to track this goal and related subgoals in spreadsheets because you know they can get easily overlooked, and commitment gets lost.

Also, you’re tired of goal tracking software that is separate from what your team works and collaborates on every day.

That’s when goals come in.

  • When you click on goals, you get access to a complete and searchable directory of every goal in your organization.

  • Create goals and nested subgoals, and assign them to yourself, your direct reports, your team, or the entire organization to ensure accountability.

  • Track goal progress in absolute numbers, percentages, currency, and more.

  • Get up to speed by reading a goal’s latest posts, and get an overview of the related resources contributing to the completion of the goal.

Everything is linked together, so you can easily zoom in or out — or jump across collaborators’ profiles, related teams, or projects — to find what you need.

And everything is searchable through search.

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