Let’s take an example.

You’ve just come back from holiday and you need to catch up on...everything.

You don’t want to ping anyone, because you know it might drag you into endless threads — or even meetings — to find the right piece of information. Where do you start?

That’s when posts come in handy.

  • When you click on posts, you get access to a complete and searchable directory of every post shared in your organization

  • Posts are always tagged to the right people, projects, and teams, and labelled as ‘milestones’, ‘progress’, ‘announcements’, and more — so it’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for

  • When you publish a post in a project or team, it's automatically shared to the project or team members’ inboxes and team Slack channel — so it gets the right attention.

  • When you read a post, you can react to it, and also see who else read it.

  • You can also pin some posts to read later.

Everything is linked together, so you can easily zoom in or out — or jump across people’s profiles, related teams, or projects — to find what you need.

And everything is searchable through search.

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