Different teams use different tools.

Product is on JIRA or Clubhouse, Marketing is on Asana and Notion, engineers use GitHub or Gitlab, Operations are on Confluence, and Sales are on Salesforce. At the same time, everyone communicates on Slack, writes on Google Docs, and has their inbox on Gmail.

As different teams create and store information on these different tools, finding information and getting visibility on each other's work becomes more challenging — that’s when you end up creating knowledge silos.

If this sounds like you and your team, then integrations are for you.

When you connect your productivity and collaboration tools to Qatalog, you enable powerful capabilities.

  • Connect your chat and meeting tools to cross-post Qatalog posts on relevant Slack channels and in team members’ inboxes.

  • Connect your project management tools to create and manage tasks, tickets, and cards across JIRA, Trello, and Clubhouse

  • Connect your file cloud storage and team-specific tools to make every doc, slide, sheet, board, and more easily accessible through Qatalog search.

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