When you connect Slack to a team or project, you enable cross-sharing of team posts.

When you share a post linked to your Qatalog team or project, the same post will be shared on your team or project Slack channel, and sent to your team members’ email inboxes. So your posts always get the right attention from the relevant people.

For example, if you link the #design Slack channel to the Design team on Qatalog, any post posted on the Design team will also be shared on the #design Slack channel.

To cross-share a post on a Slack channel:

  1. Login to Qatalog and navigate to your dashboard.

  2. On the top-right corner, click on "Create,” and then "Post.”

  3. Enter your post’s title and body

  4. Above the post title, next to "in,” select the team or project linked to the related Slack channel.

  5. Once you’re ready to share the post, on the top-right corner click on "Share.”

That’s it! Your post will be automatically published on the Qatalog team or project, and also on the related Slack channel you linked to them.

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