When you create a workflow on Qatalog, you can use the Slack integration send an automated Slack message every time a coworker executes this workflow.

For example, as part of the "Request time off" workflow, you’d want to notify people in your team that you’ll be out of office on specific dates. You can use this workflow step to automatically let them know on Slack right after your holidays get approved.

To send a Slack message from Qatalog workflows:

  1. Login to Qatalog and navigate to your dashboard.

  2. On the top-right corner, click on "Create,” and then "Workflows.”

  3. Enter a workflow title and description.

  4. Under "Add steps to workflow,” click on "Slack.”

  5. Enter a name for the Slack step (e.g. "Send a confirmation message to the team.")

  6. Under "Add an action,” click on "Post a message to channel.”

  7. Search and select the Slack channel you want to post a message to.

  8. Enter the text of your message (e.g. "FYI, I’ll be out of office next week.")

That’s it! Every time a coworker executes this workflow step, they will post a message to the selected Slack channel. They’ll need to hit "Post message to channel" to complete this workflow step.

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